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What to Expect in Class

Princess Pre-ballet - This class is an introduction into the world of dance.  Your tiny dancer will learn basic ballet terminology such as plie, passe, tendu and releve.  She will also be able to demonstrate each of these ballet terms by the end of her first year.  If your little one is having a hard time without you in the studio, you are invited to sit in until she feels comfortable.  This can take a few weeks so be patient with your tiny dancer as she warms up.  Please try your best to make it to every class.  Little ones who feel comfortable in class and then take a week or two off sometimes have a hard time getting re-acclimated. 

Combination Classes (Ballet/Tap, Lyrical/Jazz, Ballet/Tap/Jazz) - All of our combination classes are one hour in length.  We typically spend 30 minutes on one genre and 30 minutes on the other.  In classes that offer three areas, two are offered each week.  For example, one week's lesson will focus on ballet and tap while the next week's lesson will focus on ballet and jazz.  As dancers progress from year to year they will learn more advanced technique on the barre, during centre work and across the floor.  

Children's Irish Dance Classes - Learning to irish dance can be tricky at first, but very rewarding if your dancer sticks with it.  Beginning irish dancers will learn the basics within the first few weeks.  You will likely see your irish lad or lass practicing their hop 1-2-3s everywhere they go.  The key to being a successful irish dancer is practice, practice, practice!  Most of the dances learned will be choreographed by Ms. Sarah.  Sometimes we do traditional irish book and set dances called jigs and reels.  As students progress they will be invited to join our performance companies. 

Teen Classes - We understand that our teen dancers are very busy with school and other extracurricular activities.  We expect our teen dancers to make it to most classes, however if there is a time they must be absent please notify the teacher in advance.  

Studio Expectations

All students are expected to behave appropriately from the time they enter the building.  Running around in the lobby, using inappropriate language, disrespect to parents will not be tolerated.  Once in the dance studio, students are expected to listen and show respect to teachers so that time can be spent learning instead of focusing on negative behavior.  

All dancers need to use the restroom prior to class time.  Usually once one dancer needs to go they all need to go which wastes class time.

Please make sure your dancer has appropriately fitting dance wear and shoes.  We sell many styles of leotards, dresses, skirts and shoes in our Tippie Toes Dance Store.  We also have drawers full of donated shoes.  Dancers may swap their gently used shoes for a "new to you" pair.  This should be done before or after class.

If you have a question or concern, please let us know as soon as possible.  We love communication from our parents.

For additional studio policies, please see our polices page.