Timberlane Arts and Dance Academy LLC

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Voice Instruction

Voice students are taught both proper singing technique and a variety of song styles.  Students will learn correct breathing technique, diction, vowel production, tone quality and how to expressively perform a song.  It is important for the student to have a well-rounded repertoire of songs.  Students will learn broadway, folk, pop, opera and art songs. The age of eight is recommended as the youngest age for private lessons.  Any person desiring to receive private lessons before the age of eight will be interviewed by the voice instructor.

How often do students need to practice?  We suggest 10 minutes per day for young students and at least 30 minutes per day for older students.  

Do you offer recitals?  Yes, we offer two recital days per year, one in our recital hall in December and one in May at the FSU College of Music.