Timberlane Arts and Dance Academy LLC

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Timberlane Arts & Dance Academy Music Program


Who We Are:

Timberlane Arts and Dance Academy is proud to provide the best music education to the Tallahassee Community and surrounding areas.  Music is the only universal language that is available to us: therefore when it comes to choosing your students activities it is our hope that music education will be one of the activities chosen. 

                                          What We Do:

We at Timberlane Arts & Dance Academy are dedicated to bringing the fun and enjoyment of music to students from 4 years old to adulthood. Our reputation is built on a rigorous screening and careful selection of our faculty.  We provide a high quality and experienced faculty who love what they do.


What We Offer:

We offer music classes and private instruction where our students will be taught by one of ten professional music educators within the finest facilities available.

Music education is a vital part of every person's life.  We strive to prepare our students to reach his/her greatest potential and to become actively involved in the music that surrounds our lives.

We offer weekly private and group lessons for the following:

We hold two recitals a year.  A winter recital in December as well as our Awards Recital in spring.  Both recitals are held at the Florida State University College of Music.

Music Fee Structure

 30 minute Private
60 Minute Private (register for two 30 minute sessions)

* Summer 8  Weeks - Fall 18 Weeks - Spring 20 Weeks (subject to change if school schedule changes)
 Typically follows the school calendar, possibly adjusted to fit school schedule