Timberlane Arts and Dance Academy LLC

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TADA Studio Policies

These policies are in place for the saftey of our students in the dance studio and families in the waiting area, therefore it is extremely important that they are followed at all times. 

Tuition Policy

All TADA classes run on a semester schedule from August-December,  January - May and June - August. Class tuition is due on or before the 5th of each month, and can be paid in a variety of ways. You may pay by cash, personal check, credit/debit card or auto-pay credit/debit card.  All auto-pay transactions will be run on the 1st of each month. There will be a $20 late fee for any tuition paid after the 10th of the month. There is a non-refundable $40.00 registration fee for the 2018-2019 year. There is also a $40 recital fee for the May recital. Any student who is delinquent on tuition fees may be suspended from lessons. 


There are no refunds on classes missed. TADA follows the Leon County Schools holiday and closure calendar. There will be make-up classes scheduled to accommodate weather related cancellations and teacher emergencies that result in cancelled classes. Please notify the staff via email or phone call if your student will be absent from class. All unexpected cancellations will be posted on our website, as well as our Facebook page and an email will be sent to parents. Please provide us with your email address for urgent messages. 

Observation of Classes

In general, parents will not be permitted to sit in the dance studio to watch their child's class. The closed circuit television in the lobby provides an opportunity to watch your child's class. We will have opportunities throughout the semester in which parents and families will be invited to observe their child's dance class and routine. Other than observation days, there are no parents allowed in the dance studio. Parents can sometimes create a distraction for both their child and the other dancers in the room, and this inhibits our instructors from teaching effectively. 

Class Etiquette

We strive to give all of our students an educational and pleasant dance experience. We will treat you and your children with respect and courtesy. We expect our students and parents to show the same respect back to teachers and staff. Students will be expected to pay attention to their teacher and not talk during classes, and cell phones are not allowed inside of the dance studio. Students are not permitted to pull up or hang on ballet barres.

Studio Rules

Absolutely no food or drink (aside from a water bottle with a lid) are permitted in the dance studio - and no gum! Students may have snacks and drinks upstairs in the kitchen or in the dancer's den. Street shoes are also not allowed in the dance studio, as they track in dirt and dust that can damage the dance floors and cause our dancers to slip. Students are expected to be in proper dance clothes, have their hair secured and have a positive attitude for their dance classes. They should arrive to the studio with sufficient time to change and put on their shoes for class to start on time. All dance bags and personal items must be kept in the lobby or on hooks in the studio. No cell phone usage will be permitted! Just like street shoes are not permitted in the studio, dance shoes should not be worn outside of the studio! Wearing dance shoes in a "street" environment ruins the soles of the shoes and tracks in dirt and other debris to our studios. Even walking from the house to the car should be done in non-dance shoes! 

Lobby Rules

We love the hustle and bustle of our studio, but our customer lobby is designed for parents to relax and chat with one another while their children take dance classes. Please try to keep lobby volume low, as loud chatter and/or music can disrupt our dance classes and music lessons. If the downstairs lobby is full, please use the upstairs lobby and kitchen area to wait for your dancer to avoid congestion at the front door. 

Our lobby is not for students to hang out, watch TV, chat etc. Students that arrive to class early should go straight to the dancer's den or sit quietly with their parents in the lobby. Please note that any students that are dropped off early without a parent will not be supervised, as our staff is teaching up until your child's class time. Please avoid bringing strollers into the building, as they take up space in the lobby that can otherwise be used for parents who are waiting. If you have siblings with you, please keep them at your side. 

Arrival, Departure  & Late Arrivals

Parents, please do not drop off your students more than 10 minutes early for class unless you set guidelines for them as to what they should be doing to fill their time. They are permitted to use the dancer's den to listen to music, work on homework and grab a snack. Please be on time to pick up your child when class is dismissed. Classes will always be dismissed on time, so please arrive promptly for pickup. 

The first fifteen minutes of every dance class are used for warming up and stretching. If your child is going to be more than 5 minutes late to class, it will be their responsibility to warm up on their own. It is extremely important that we start and end our classes on time. Teachers will not wait for everyone to arrive to begin class. If you are running late, please let the front desk staff know by calling us. Students will also not be permitted to leave class early unless the student/parent has notified the teacher in advance. We do this for the safety of our students - many times there is no one in our lobby, and we do not allow students to leave the studio without a parent inside, or a teacher outside watching every student leave.