Timberlane Arts and Dance Academy LLC

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Strings Department

We accept string students at the age of five in group or private lessons.  Potential students younger than five will be interviewed.  After the interview enrollment will be based upon the decision of the instructor.  Parents are encouraged to attend lessons of students younger than 3rd grade.  It has been demonstrated that students progress at a faster rate when they have a practice partner at home.

Do we need to buy an instrument?  We encourage students to rent a violin/viola/cello when first starting lessons.  Once students progress we encourage families to invest in an instrument.  Music Masters and Playground Music are both excellent resources for renting and purchasing stringed instruments.

How often do students need to practice?  We suggest 10 minutes per day for young students and at least 30 minutes per day for older students.  

Do you offer recitals?  Yes, we offer two recital days per year, one in our recital hall in December and one in May at the FSU College of Music.