Timberlane Arts and Dance Academy LLC

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Piano Education

Students may begin in our piano department at the age of four.  We offer lessons for all levels through adulthood.  All levels and all styles of music are taught in private lessons.

The beginning student has a thirty-minute lesson per week and a 30-minute theory class.  Depending upon the commitment, ability and level students are encouraged to extend their weekly lesson time to 45 or 60 minute lessons.

Parents pay a $40 materials fee at the beginning of lessons and $20 each semester thereafter.  This fee allows the instructor to purchase music books.  Each student also receives a music bag and assignment book.

Do we need a piano at home?  We encourage students to at least have a keyboard at home to practice on.  Once students progress we encourage families to invest in a piano.  There are many good used pianos out there that typically just need a good tuning.  Jims Pianos is an excellent resource for purchasing a piano.

How often do students need to practice?  We suggest 10 minutes per day for young students and at least 30 minutes per day for older students.  

Do you offer recitals?  Yes, we offer two recital days per year, one in our recital hall in December and one in May at the FSU College of Music.