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 Music Theory

All students in grades 1 -12 take music theory classes for two hours per month, usually 30 minutes per week (before or after their lessons).  To accomplish the goal of developing total musicians, this part of our instruction is very important.  Theory instruction is recommended for five year olds and adults but not required.  This class is for skill development in music fundamentals, ear training music terminology, music history and theory concepts.  These skills are taught through use of computers, written worksheets, faculty discussions and music games.  There are thirteen levels in the theory curriculum.  The average student takes six to nine months to complete each level.  These classes are fast moving, fun and give additional time for building the musical skills that are so important in the development of the total musician.  When a student has demonstrated proficiency in all thirteen levels, continuing theory becomes optional.  Most students that complete the thirteen levels are able to exempt the first two years of college theory requirement.