Timberlane Arts and Dance Academy LLC

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Dress Code for Dance Classes

Appropriate dance attire is required for all classes.
Hair must be up, away from the face and secured for all classes.

Absolutely NO JEANS may be worn for any class!
Absolutely NO bare midriffs or bra tops allowed in class. 

Dance wear may be ordered through our studio at www.shopnimbly.com

  • Ballet: Black or pink leotard, pink ballet tights, black demi skirt (ballet skirt) or black dance shorts and pink ballet shoes.

  • Tap: Black leotard, capri-length leggings or shorts and black tap shoes. Tights are optional unless wearing shorts. If your child is taking a Ballet/Tap combination class she should wear ballet attire with a shoe change in between classes.

  • Jazz: Black leotard, tank-top/camisole, capri leggings/jazz pants/shorts and black or tan jazz shoes. Tights are optional unless wearing shorts.

  • Lyrical: Black leotard, tank-top/camisole, capri leggings/shorts and either ballet shoes, lyrical sandals or half sole lyrical shoe. Tights are optional unless wearing shorts.
  • Irish: Black leotard, tank top/camisole, capri leggings or shorts.  Ghillies, ballet or jazz shoes for soft shoes.   Irish hard shoes or tap shoes for hard shoes.  All girls wear white poodle socks.  Teen girls also wear tan tights.
  • Adults: Comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear (tap/ballet shoes)

  • Boys: Black jazz pants or black shorts and a white t-shirt are preferred for all classes. Boys ballet, tap and jazz shoes should all be black. 

  • For our smallest dancers (2-3 year olds): Most dance wear can be purchased locally at Target or Wal Mart. We recommend that your dancer wears a leotard or ballet dress, pink tights and appropriate footwear.  

To buy dance wear locally, please visit: Academy Sports, the Walking Shoe Shop, Head Over Heels or Target/Wal-Mart.