Timberlane Arts and Dance Academy LLC

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Preschool Discipline Policy

We strive to maintain a positive learning environment for all children.  This includes responding to unwanted behavior in a positive way which includes redirection, teaching self control and using logical consequences.  Time out will never be used as punishment for negative behavior.  Children who need to calm down will be temporarily removed from the situation and permitted to rejoin the other students once it’s been determined he/she can display positive behavior.

  1. Children will never be subjected to yelling, spanking, hitting, humiliation, withholding of food, withholding of play time, withholding of nap time, and other negative consequences as a means of correcting unwanted behavior.  The following discipline techniques shall be prohibited at TADA...:

  1. The use of corporal punishment/including, but not limited to:

  1. a)  Hitting, spanking, shaking, slapping, twisting, pulling, squeezing, or biting;

  1. b)  Demanding excessive physical exercise, excessive rest

  1. c)  Compelling a child to eat or have in his/her mouth soap, food, spices, or foreign substances;

  1. d)  Exposing a child to extreme temperature;

  1. e)  Rough or harsh handling of children, including but not limited to: lifting or jerking by one or both arms; pushing; forcing or restricting movement; lifting or moving by grasping clothing; covering a child’s head.

  1. Isolating a child in an adjacent room, hallway, closet, darkened area, play area, or any other area where the child cannot be seen or supervised.

  1. Binding, tying or restricting movement, or taping the mouth;

  1. Using or withholding food or beverages as a punishment;

  1. Toilet learning/training methods that punish, demean, or humiliate a child;

  1. Any form of emotional abuse, including rejecting, terrorizing, extended ignoring, isolating, or corrupting a child;

  1. Any abuse or maltreatment of a child;

  1. Abusive, profane, or sarcastic language or verbal abuse, threats, or derogatory remarks in front of the child or about the child or child’s family;